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Whether you are a first time mom, having a second child, or just decided to gain your sanity back; we are here to help. You have a tough decision ahead of you; leaving your child is never easy, especially if it's the first time. The staff at A+ Nannies will be there to support you every step of the way. This is the one time in your life that you get to be as critical as you want. And because of that, we seek out the best nannies possible. We have the highest standards for professional nannies in Arizona and Alaska, and our screening process has become more extensive over the years. We have such a strong screening process, that we only interview 1 out of every 8 candidates that call, and we will only hire 1 out of every 3 nannies interviewed!

A+ Nannies offers a service that is truly hard to find for today's parents: reliable, highly screened and qualified care for your children. We place the highest priority on children and child-care. The office is based on the concept that excellent child care can best be provided in an environment where nanny and family are well matched, where each is respected and valued by the other, and where each understands the needs of the other.

All our prospective nannies are subject to an intensive screening process prior to beginning employment in your home. A+ Nannies runs extensive criminal checks and speaks with references for each candidate. All babysitters, nannies, baby nurses, and housekeepers must fill out a lengthy application, which includes questions about their experience and family background, as well as complete a Written Interview and Child Care Knowledge Test (if applying to care for children). At A+ Nannies, we stand behind the quality of our nannies 100%!  If your family is not delighted with your nanny, simply call us within the guarantee period, and A+ Nannies will send new nanny candidates for you to review until a replacement is found, at no additional charge.

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Testimonial from A. Kleingartner - "Barbara came into our house as a newborn specialist and immediately made a difference with our newborn daughter.  She gave us the much needed break during the night.  We could both tell from the first night she arrived that Barb has a special connection with newborns and is a real professional at her job.  The only regret anyone will have in hiring her, is the day she leaves."